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Time travel with us to Mississinewa 1812 and see what frontier life was like in Illinois and Indiana during the War of 1812.  Our journey will take us to the largest War of 1812 reenactment in the country at Mississinewa, site of two historic battles in December 1812.  Located near present day Marion, Indiana, Mississinewa 1812 gathers together in historical settings hundreds of reenactors representing such frontier people as:  Indians; American, British and Canadian militia and soldiers; river pirates; and settlers.

We’ll depart for Mississinewa in the early morning aboard a luxury motor coach from several locations (see below), on your choice of Saturday or Sunday.  Once we’ve wiped the sand from our eyes, we’ll enjoy a hearty continental breakfast buffet aboard the bus (also, vendors at Mississinewa sell frontier-style breakfast).  Further on, we’ll get a preview of Mississinewa 1812 from a reenactor of the 1st U.S. Fort Dearborn Garrison, who, along with other experts traveling with us, will help us understand the issues of those early days in the Old Northwest Territory.  And, on Saturday, especially for educators, we’ll have a discussion on using living history to bring life into the classroom and critical new comprehension to students.

Once at Mississinewa you’ll explore the “frontier” at your own pace…

…meeting the people of the river town, historic Indian village, wilderness and military encampments

…learning about customs, crafts, practicalities and warfare

…shopping for clothing, trinkets, tools and wares, and…

…taking in both morning and afternoon reenactments of battles occurring across the Old Northwest.

Lunch will be on your own in the river town, where you can also enjoy music, songs and stories.

Following Mississinewa’s afternoon Colors Ceremony, we’ll board our bus and head home.  En route we’ll enjoy Indiana’s Autumn Colors, along with tastings of local food and drink, including some items catered by Mississinewa’s food vendors.



Adults:  Seniors 65+; New Adults 18-24; NWTA Reenactors:  $80

           “Standard” Adults 25-64:  $95

Educators:  may be eligible for CPDUs; add $18.12 to receive electronic classroom resources

Well-Travelled Kids:  Interested children (and their grown-ups) may attend if they are well-behaved and able to enjoy a long day of time travel.

            Scouts; Guides; NWTA Reenactor Kids …dressed as such:  $50 (no further rebate)

           “Standard” Kids:  $58

Early Bird Bonus:  Register & pay by September 15 to receive a free “Fort Dearborn Bicentennial Initiative 1812-2012” drawstring tote bag ($10 value).

Price Includes:  entrance fee; transportation with continental breakfast & afternoon tastings

On Your Own – or, not included… lunch; crafts, mementos and other “frontier” purchases

All Ticket Sales are Final.  You may switch days if there is space available.  Refunds allowed only if you find a paying replacement for yourself/your group.



Choose your day and your departure location from the list below.  We’ll meet you there with a Luxury Motor Coach (expansive windows, reclining seats, video monitors and a restroom) to transport you across Indiana and back in time!

Parking Permits:  Certain locations will require a parking permit for your car.  Please provide the following I.D. information for your car by 6pm on Thursday, October 10:  Make, Model, Color, License Plate Number, Your Name, Your Departure Location

*  Return time is approximate, and may vary based on travel conditions



Dpt  5:00a       Location TBD

Rtn  7:30p*    


Dpt  5:30a       Indiana Welcome Center, located at

Rtn  7:00p*     80/94 & Kennedy Ave, beside the South exit ramp




Dpt  5:00a       Municipal Parking Lot on Burlington,

Rtn  7:30p*     one block West of LaGrange Rd.


Dpt  5:30a       Sox Park, street parking at 35th & Shields

Rtn  7:00p*



Wear comfortable and relaxed clothing and shoes, suitable for the weather and hilly terrain in a rustic setting.  Earn a 12% rebate if you are wearing clothing authentic to 1812 or your “Fort Dearborn Bicentennial Initiative 1812-2012” t-shirt as you first board the bus.


Notify us in advance

of any dietary restrictions, health or mobility impairments, or other special needs.  With enough advance notice, we will try to accommodate your situation.



Click the "Tour Registration" button at the top of the page to registration on-line for Mississinewa 1812.

FDBI hosts 2nd annual Memorial Day Ceremony and marches in Chicago’s Parade

Please join us on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 10:30 am when the Fort Dearborn Bicentennial Initiative hosts its second annual Memorial Day Ceremony remembering the Fort Dearborn soldiers and militia who died in service of our country during the War of 1812.

Assisted by a color guard of re-enactors from the First U.S. Infantry, Fort Dearborn Garrison, the ceremony will include a reading of the names of those who died in battle outside the Fort.  On display for the ceremony will be story boards about Fort Dearborn, the American frontier and the War of 1812.

The ceremony will occur at the former site of the Fort, located at Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, near the southwest bridgehouse.

At noon, following the ceremony, the Fort Dearborn Bicentennial Initiative and the re-enactors will march in Chicago’s Memorial Day Parade, which will run between Lake and Jackson on State Street.

Sherry Meyer and the Fort Dearborn Bicentennial Initiative featured on WGN’s News At Nine, on August 14, 2012.

Buses from Fort to Battlefield

CTA Bus #3 or #4 – buses depart from Michigan & South Water Street (one block south of Fort’s site) at 10 minute intervals.  Fare:  $2 adult; $1 reduced; when using a fare card, for an additional $0.25 deduction, you can get two transfer bonus rides on any bus within two hours).

METRA Train from Fort to Battlefield

METRA Electric RR - 10:20am train departs from Millennium Station (Randolph & 151 N. Michigan, via stairs down to station level); arrives 18th Street at 10:26am.  Exit train and walk west through tunnel to 18th & Calumet.  Fare:  $2.75 adult; $1.25 reduced (buy tickets before boarding train to avoid $3 on-board surcharge); monthly METRA ticket accepted.

The Fort Dearborn Bicentennial Initiative’s Commemoration of Fort Dearborn occurs on the anniversary date of the Fort’s August 15, 1812 evacuation early in the War of 1812.

The War of 1812 was a complex war, involving three different cultures, all competing for the future of North America:  the British, the Americans and the Native Americans.

The Bicentennial Commemoration recognizes and pays respect to the fact that two of the three cultures met in battle that day, each defending its vision for the Great Lakes region, and the site that would become Chicago.  As an early engagement in the War of 1812, had events played out differently in the Battle of Fort Dearborn or elsewhere, we might be standing today in a very different community than our sweet home, Chicago.

The existence of Chicago was never a given.  But, ever since the first local settlers, a Haitian and Potawatomi couple by the name of duSable, created their homestead beside a strategically situated stream called the Chicago River, this site has been home to a multitude of cultures, and has been of international importance.

And, with an “I will” spirit, every generation of Chicagoans has given rise to new visions for the City.  With no doubt, there has been shedding of tears and blood.  But, we owe our existence to those of all backgrounds who with their lives gave rise to a place of hope, vision and commitment, a “city of broad shoulders.”

On the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Dearborn, we remember all who came before us.